FILTER017 始終秉持與相信,趣味的"設計"與"圖像"能夠改變生活,使生活充滿驚奇,其概念延伸至服飾領域上,希望透過"自由"與"舒適"的穿著風格來呈現,相信透過簡單、生活化的休閒服飾與輕鬆趣味的圖像設計,能夠展現無拘無束的生活概念!


雖然說是基本單品,在細節上卻是誠意十足,除了全件皆採用高密度刺繡工藝呈現圖像標語,透過"WE BRING AMAZING TO LIFE"與"FREEDOM BELIEVE"簡單直接的的傳達自我生活態度!
側後方則採用三角連目刺繡增加細節的獨特性,表現品牌重點精神標語"AMAZING ORIGINALITY"。



尺碼(男女通款穿著): XS、S、M、L、XL

FILTER017 have always maintained and believed that interesting "design" and "image" can change lives, make life full of surprises. The concept extends to the fashion field, and hope be provided dress style through the "freedom" and "comfortable", we believe that through simple, living leisure clothing and interesting and easily graphics design, which show the concept of unfettered life!

Believe that, through simple daily life of leisure clothing and interesting graphics to easily design, which demonstrates that the concept of unfettered life!

This times hoodie that is indispensable product in Autumn and winter, whether with or wear alone are very practical, 10.3OZ thick cotton, the internal brushed processing , and YKK metal zipper, durable use and warm.

Although it is a basic product, but the details are made in good faith, in addition to all pieces are embroidered and using high-density to showed signs through "WE BRING AMAZING TO LIFE" and "FREEDOM BELIEVE", simple and direct message of self living attitude! Side of the rear use triangular mesh embroidered; increase the uniqueness of the details, the performance of the essence of the brand slogan "AMAZING ORIGINALITY".

Have three colors, Grey, Red, and Black.
Size (men and women pass shall wear): XS, S, M, L, XL

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