Horror Forest Patch Shorts


Filter017此次在單品的主題與視覺詮釋上,特別有於別以往的歡樂氛圍,選擇了較為沉重灰暗的反諷設計手法,表現"Horror Forest"這個主題,藉此希望呼籲人們對於環保議題上的思考,同時自我警惕!

設計上引用了美國50-60年代中,環境保護標記上的吉祥物與標語,將原來"發生前的呼籲"改變成"發生後的斥責"做了對比與反諷的重新詮釋,在"Horror Forest"這個主軸上,Filter017希望透過圖像表現出"自然反撲"與"森林怒吼"帶來的恐懼。

以"Horror Forest"主題所發表的系列商品中,除了在視覺圖像與意念上以"自然"做為設計基礎,在單品的風格與類形上也頃向Outdoor路線,將主題與產品做 了相互呼應的結合,同時也鼓勵大夥在工作之餘,多多走向戶外,感受地球僅存的自然之美,進而喚醒人們對自然保護的意識!

Worsening global warming, global climate instability, spread all over the world disasters, the recent Russian territory is facing 130 years since the maximum temperature, 42 degrees C in addition to causing serious forest fires, causing serious human casualties. 
Filter017 the product and visual interpretation of the theme, particularly the joy of feeling different from the past, choose relatively heavy design with dark irony, presents "Horror Forest" theme, would like to call people to the issue of environmental protection, and self-vigilance ! 
Design was quoted in the United States 50-60 years, the mascot of the Environmental Protection marked with signs, the original "happened before to remind the" change to "after the event, condemned" the use of contrast and irony of the re-explained " Horror Forest "the main line, Filter017 hope images show a" natural response "and" Forest of the roar, "the fear. 
To "Horror Forest" series published by the subject goods, in addition to the image with the meaning of "natural" as the foundation of the design, style and type of commodity is also biased in the Outdoor, the themes and products to do for each other echoes, but also encourage people in addition to work, they often have to go outside and feel the beauty of the earth remaining, and step by step to awaken people's awareness of nature conservation.
"Horror Forest"貼布工作短褲

此 次發行的"Horror Forest"工作短褲是Filter017推出服飾單品以來,首次發行的褲款,透過工藝精緻的刺繡布章,呈現主題所要表達的圖像與標語,褲型上則改良了 傳統工作短褲,在布料上採用較為厚磅的純棉材質,硬挺兼具舒適,有別於一般帆布或斜紋布料材質。




"Horror Forest" Patch Shorts

This "Horror Forest" shorts are Filter017 release of apparel, first published pants, through the exquisite embroidery patch, the performance of the theme to express the image with the slogan. Pants type is modified version of the traditional pants type, the use of relatively thick fabric cotton material, wearing a more spiritual, and very comfortable, unlike the general fabric material. 
Especially in the side "in-pocket button" to increase the practical with the decorative, you can change, keys and cell phone to place separately to prevent scratches. 
In the hip pocket have refined a simple LOGO embroidery, buttons and the independent development of the brand rivets can also see details of our intentions, no matter the design, detail and production work can be said that it was Filter017 great in the summer of goods !
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