Filter017 Retro Sweets Vintage Cap

Filter017 Retro Sweets Vintage Cap

Filter017推出以美式甜食包裝做為設計靈感,運用復古甜食零嘴包裝配色、元素,加上翻玩經典老牌玉米片LOGO的玩味組合,重新混搭出色彩濃烈;甜而不膩的復古棒球帽款"RETRO SWEETS"。

Here is new arrival from Filter017 - vintage baseball cap "RETRO SWEETS", it’s colorful,sweet but not greasy. The design inspiration is from package of American sweet food.
We used every color set and elements of retro sweet food package. And we combine re-classic logo of corn chip to mix this all new design.

"RETRO SWEETS" VINTAGE CAP在帽型上則特別以美國棒球帽元祖品牌之一的"Starter"做為考究依據參考,車縫、刺繡與印刷等細節呈現也無可挑剔,除此之外並在耐用度上加以改良,採用可調式後扣,可調節帽圍大小,使其兼具復古、精緻與實用性。

"RETRO SWEETS" VINTAGE CAP’s cutting is made from original baseball cap brand "Starter". We also care about every details of sewn,embroidery and print. And we re-design some details let’s become more useful. Like back knot adjustment. You can set the cap size. The "RETRO SWEETS"VINTAGE CAP is retro , refinement and very useful!

售價:NT$1180 / US$39 / RMB260

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