TTF 09 Toysrevil Interview

感謝國際性知名的設計師玩具權威網站Toysrevil ,為Filter017在 2009年TTF台北玩具展,與設計師玩具大廠adFunture合作發表所做的專訪。



TRE spoke to Filter017 Graphic Design (graphic designers Enzo, Wen, and Nick / www.filter017.com) about their impressions of Taipei Toy Festival 2009 [tagged-on-TRE] - especially with this year attending the event along with the debut release of their designs for adFunture's YOKA Series One and MINI-Grobots!

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TOYSREVIL: How many times have you been to TTF so far? (Including this year)

FILTER017: Three times.

TOYSREVIL: How was the experience this year, compared to last year? Or previous years? Especially when you guys have both YOKAs and MINI-Gs released! How does it feel to release the toys?

FILTER017: We don't feel good. In addition to a larger space, with the participation of lesser companies than before, the whole show felt relatively dark. As for the toys, we loved it so much. Thanks for adFunture Eddi & Jukai so much!! :*)

OYSREVIL: Oh dear - sorry to hear about the unhappiness tho. Did you folks enjoy the event nevertheless? How many days were you there?

FILTER017: Yes, we enjoyed. We were there all day three days.

TOYSREVIL: Did you score any good toys? Or wish you did or regret not scoring during the event? What do you collect?

FILTER017: Yes, we scored some real cool toys, including Tim Biskup Big Pollard Yellow Father ver. Paradise Toy exclusive, 400% WDW Wonderfulman Be@rbrick, Peanut Justin, Kidrobot Kozik's Big Mongers Captain Blood, Skateboard Zombie, and our great gift: Parra's Toy that was not available for sales. Especially YOKA Series 1 KUMA and Mini G designed by us. :)

TOYSREVIL: Always cool to receive your very own toy, IMHO! Anything interesting that caught your eye? That made you want to own or try to own the toy/figure/s?

FILTER017: Yes, that's Parra's toy made by adFunture. It's so pretty cool. :*) We'll buy one when it release in the next time.

TOYSREVIL: Nice! What was your personal impression of the event? A Success or Failure? And why?

FILTER017: We and adFunture cooperated on the YOKA Series 1 and Mini G toy. We think this event is successfully. Becasue this is our first time to release our toy with adFunture Eddi, it also allowed us exposure in TTF.

TOYSREVIL: Any suggestions to improve TTF for 2010?

FILTER017: Umm...I don't know, but perhaps they can find a better place to exhibit in the next time.

TOYSREVIL: What was your most memorable happening/incident/item of TTF 2009?

FILTER017: Oh~ haaa, it is absolutely was our first signing, we were very nervous. Haaa. :P

TOYSREVIL: How about 2010? Looking forward to going / exhibiting again?

FILTER017: We hope this event will be better, and more and more designer's toys and toy companies will be come to Taiwan.

TOYSREVIL: What's up next for Filter017? For the remainder of 2009, and beyond!

FILTER017: We'll release our own apparel brand in Sep this year. And will be published our first custom toy. Please be patient. :^)

TOYSREVIL: Cool. Thanks for your time for this Q&A. In closing - please do share with everyone - Who Is Filter017?

FILTER017: Haaa, okay! Hi, everybody, We're Filter017.

Filter017 was created by Enzo, Wen, and Nick since 2004.
Our team consists of Mixed Sauce & Wonder Work + 99% passion towards creation.
We infuse unique graphics into all kinds of design. Nice to see you, and see you soon. :*)

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