FILTER017® 團隊2004年於台灣 \ 台北創立,以創意單位自居,歷年來不斷透過團隊擅長的「元素混合」,藉由獨道特色的視覺語彙,透過設計及創意策略遊走跨界於各種領域,並獨立經營自有多元性設計品牌。

2011年喬遷組織創意基地,正式座落於台灣 \ 台中市,以結合設計工作室、產品開發部門及品牌形象門市的複合型態,成立名為「Crealive Dept.」的概念店鋪。

近年團隊核心結構與資源整合上逐步調整,已發展進化為國際跨領域創意組織 \ 品牌。利用文化上的多元視野,放眼跨足國際,於自有品牌的風格與主軸上重新定位,聚焦取樣以藝術、次文化、復古流行及實用機能等元素,延伸體現於服飾、風格戶外與家居(InOut)⋯等生活相關領域,開展全新篇章里程。
The FILTER017® team was founded 2004 in Taiwan Taipei. We regards our self as a creative unit. Over the years, we has been using the "mixing of elements" with its unique visual vocabulary, and through design and creative strategies what our team good at. Independently operate own diversified design brand.

In 2011, the creative base with the organization moved to and, officially located in Taichung Taiwan. A concept store called "Crealive Dept." was established within a composite form combining design studios, product development departments and brand image theme.

In recent years, the core structure of the team and the integration of resources have been gradually adjusted. It has developed and evolved into an international cross-field creative organization , brand. Taking advantage of the multicultural vision, target at the international market, repositioning on the style and main axis of our own brand, also focusing on combine elements such as art, subculture, retro fashion and practical functions, and extending them to clothing, style outdoors and home furnishing ( InOut)… and other life-related fields, a new chapter have been launched.

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