Filter017創作團隊自2004年創立以來,一路以元素混合的概念作為創作上的方向與原則,十年來不曾間斷的創作與設計工作,除了累積了豐富的經驗,也進而堆疊沉澱出獨有的風格路線與視覺語彙。透過經年累月的思考、實驗與實作,加以整理歸納而成獨有的設計與創作法則,並發表命名為「邏輯性系統視覺圖像」( Logical System Of Visual Graphics 簡稱:LSVG )。

All come from Mixed Sauce.

Ever since 2004 Filter017 established, we have contributed our ideas to comprehend elements. Over the past 10 years, we keep our design more innovative and creative, which makes us stand out from the crowd. Through analyses, experiments and operations, we organize a unique system for creative design. We called it “L.S.V.G”, Logical System Of Visual Graphics.

As if the sauce mixed from ingredients and seasonings, Filter017 keeps on self-challenge to explore new prescriptions on diverse elements and concepts, to experience wondering result by impacting diversity of materials and integration of ideas on visual.

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