Boring Bag Sticker Set

Filter017 Boring Bag 貼紙包內含8款不同設計圖像的貼紙,其中4款為高質感網版印刷的透明貼紙,4款為PVC材質斯不破貼紙。正反兩面印刷,防水、不殘膠、抗紫外線、不退色。

Right! The latest design stickers are finally exposed!

Attentiveness and insistence are the basic rules of our attitude. Even a tiny sticker, Filter017 spent much time in order to produce a high quality production.

Boring Bag series the second contains 8 kinds of sticker, 4 of them are transparent with high quality and screen-printing technique, the other 4 are made of PVC material that can’t tear. Filter017 concerns all the procedure details such as the quality of material, the way for printing and steps of cutting mold. Not only front side of stickers are exquisite but also the back. It is different from the common way of producing stickers and filled with designers’ idea.

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