Filter017 HKT (Hunter-Killer Team) Graphics Collection

Filter017 2014 Brand New Series – HKT:Hunter-Killer Team
Images and Theme Concept Announcement
Filter017設計團隊於2014年正式邁入成軍十周年。團隊透過十年來在設計、生活與經營的無數累積,開始產生對於創作環境的體驗及反思,進而衝擊出全新的創意與靈感。藉由Filter017的設計想像與創意演繹,HKT:Hunter-Killer Team(中譯:獵殺小隊)亦依循著這個創作定律且懷抱著深遠寓意而誕生。
HKT:Hunter-Killer Team獵殺小隊,描述來自最後一批由戰後所殘存的戰士所組成的聯合游擊作戰小隊,心懷堅決不悔去為獨立革命進行一場壯烈的誓死抵抗。走過十年,Filter017認為比設計更重要的是向人們傳遞創作的核心精神與概念,而HKT獵殺小隊的設計主旨是要向獨立精神致敬,如獨立品牌與獨立樂團等奠基於獨立創作的人與團隊。我們希望藉以一種在創作環境上的革命精神,除了可以渲染出一股團結力量之外,也反映出當下台灣的創作與商業環境正面臨著負能量逆襲、缺乏思考力的人云亦云及媒體操作的市場趨勢,尤其是獨立經營的小團隊組織,也努力嘗試著堅持自我如何不要被現實的商業市場給淹沒。
此系列的設計風格,是繼FCL OUTDOOR LAB迷彩圖像風格與視覺的創作延續,以越戰時期的軍人頭盔迷彩及隨身手札上的書寫與塗鴉作為全新圖像創作的靈感來源,也是意味著一種對於戰場上的情感宣洩。而創作角色選擇以獾作為此系列的主角與發揮重點,主要發想來自於獾的生活習性。屬於群居動物的牠們,由一對領頭獾帶領,因此,象徵著團結及有首領階級的群聚活動。獾主要分布於歐洲和亞洲地區的一種哺乳及夜行動物,雜食性的牠們,主食蚯蚓,但也吃昆蟲、甲蟲、小型哺乳動物、堅果及水果等。Filter017針對總是在夜間活動的牠們,暗喻戰爭中的夜襲行動;另將蚯蚓比喻成敵人之外,也表達對於敵人的諷刺之意。
Filter017於此系列設計,以具暖度的手繪風格烙印出獵殺小隊的堅毅樸實印象。整體HKT:Hunter-Killer Team獵殺小隊,注入了許多深具寓意的創作元素,有Filter017擅長的詼諧幽默又帶點諷刺的圖像語彙及表現戰爭元素與激勵人心的精神標語,在pattern設計延伸時,不只強調出獾所擅長的夜襲,更繪入作戰地圖及各種軍事符號等,完美詮釋獵殺小隊視覺設計上的每一個細節。
Filter017成軍十周年,希望透過HKT:Hunter-Killer Team獵殺小隊,向獨立創作精神致敬,團隊也秉持不變的創作實驗精神,致力將圖像設計與產品設計灌注多元的創意與突破,未來也將陸續完整延伸出一系列HKT:Hunter-Killer Team獵殺小隊的設計單品,敬請期待!

The year of 2014 is 10th anniversary of Filter017 design team. Through past decade life experience and engage in design ,we're starting to rethink about the experience of whole authoring environment, therefore, it brings us the whole new creation and inspiration. Through Filter017 design team's imagination and deductive reasoning of creative, this far-reaching implications theme "HKT:Hunter-Killer Team" has been born by following the creation law.
"HKT : Hunter-Killer Team", this theme is describe an unit of guerrilla combat team,
after war, these remnant soldier still want to fight for revolution of independence, until they die. Pass through our first decade, we thought to let people know about the core spirit and concept of creation has much important than design, and the main concept of "HKT : Hunter-Killer Team" is trying to pay tribute to the independent spirit, for example : such like independent brands or independent bands, the people or group who based on the independent creation. We truly hope we could through this independent creation spirit to spread the power of solidarity, also reflecting the mindless people always following the media's manipulation ,and the negative energies full in the whole business environment and creation in Taiwan, especially the small group of independent operate, they're trying to adhere to self, and not to flooding by this reality of commercial market.  
The design style of this series, is the continued creation of FCL OUTDOOR LAB's
camouflage graphic style, we use the Vietnam war soldier's camouflage helmet, and their pocket notebooks writing and graffiti as our graphics inspiration, also means
emotional catharsis on the battle field. And we still choose "badger" as the
protagonist of this series, basically the concept is came from the badger's life habit.
Because they're social creatures, and also leading by a pair badger, therefore, it's  symbolizes the unity and leadership's community activities.
Badgers are mainly distributed in Europe and Asia, they're mammals and nocturnal animals, they're omnivorous and their staple food is earthworm, they also eat insects, beetles, small mammals, nuts and fruits etc...
We use nocturnal animals this feature metaphors the night attack action in the war,
and we also metaphor the earthworm as the enemy, and it's also shows the ironic meaning to enemies.  

 We use the simple Hand-painted design style in this "Hunter-Killer Team" series ,
we also put tons of deep meaning's creative elements in this HKT series,
also have some humorous, ironic graphics ,war elements , and some inspiring slogan,
when we design the pattern, it's not only emphasizing the Badgers are good at night attack, but also we put the operational maps and military symbols in the HKT series pattern, shows the each detail of HKT visual design in perfectly. 
It's Filter017's 10th anniversary, we truly hope could through this "HKT:Hunter-Killer Team" series, to pay tribute to the independent creative spirit , and hope this design team could insist on the creation and always have experimental spirit , work hard for graphic design and product design, and we'll released the whole "HKT:Hunter-Killer Team" series products in the future, So stay tuned!

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