Razzle Dazzle Classic 2010 skateboard

Filter017創作團隊首次嘗試以雷射雕刻的滑板藝術作品" Razzle Dazzle Classic 2010 skateboard"

日前於洛杉磯(LA)SK8 Cafe店內Board out of My Mind | Skateboard Art Show展出後,引起國內外朋友關注、詢問,及各界廣大迴響和討論。 因此Filter017團隊特地在美國展後少量訂製,回應提供給有興趣的收藏和玩家做典藏,全球僅限量20只,並隨板附上親筆簽名木雕限量保證卡。極少量嚴選典藏販售,將不再版!


尺寸:8英吋(約20.5X81.5 cm)
顏色:原木色 材質:楓木
售價:NT$7,800 / US$250 / RMB1,600 (美國LA展出期間展場售價為US$250)

Filter017 first attempt to use laser engraving skateboards art "Razzle Dazzle Classic 2010 skateboard".
August this year in Los Angeles SK8 Cafe's "Board out of My Mind | Skateboard Art Show" after the show, has attracted attention and asked friends, and community feedback and discussion. Therefore, after the exhibition in the United States, specifically a small amount of custom, made available to interested persons collection, the world's limited 20, and with a wooden skateboard get autographed limited certification card. Selling limited edition collection, sold out will no longer be produced! Production and testing process, in order to claim the delicacy of detail and perfection of the presentation, after repeated failures and adjustments, while overcoming the technical problems, the final selection of 20 finished products, quality and integrity was amazing.

Skateboard specifications are as follows:

● Size: 8 inches. (approximately 20.5X81.5 cm)
● Color: wood color.
● Material: maple.
● Pros and cons of laser engraving, with skateboard attached a certification card autographed limited edition wooden. ● 20 Global Limited.

If you would like to collect this limited art works, feel free to visit our online shop. You can display your own office, room, everywhere you like show it. :D It's very high quality, you must not to miss it. We recommend purchase of two, because when the show was very amazing!
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